Premium kitchen knives


Belgian handmade kitchen knives.

Pearl of the Jury  'Artisan Of The Year 2018'     

Winner 'Grand Jury Price' Ulule 

Ambassador 'Handmade In Belgium'


"Mknives are inspired by the Japanse culture,

and combined with the Western skill of steel making."


Lifetime warranty.



Free maintenance.

Made to survive generations.

Sander Miesse founder of Mknives premium knives

"When you work with the best ingredients,

you need the best tools."

Happy customers.

"After I've purchased one of Sander's knives my life was ruined. Never again could I use anything else.


Any other knife I use could as well be a damp stick I found on a moldy forest floor.


I just know I'll buy more some day."



Xavier Noé on Google Reviews





"Sander is very passionate about his knife making, from selecting the raw materials to different techniques and finishes.


These knives are little pieces of art, that are a combination of creativity and love for the craft.


But first and foremost, it's the best knife in my kitchen by far!"


Olivier Bultynck on Google Reviews




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