Collection 18.

Sander Miesse owner and founder of mknives

This collection will introduce a new kind of steel blades to my range.


The whole collection will be made up mainly of brass accents and dark handle materials.


The "Wengé" wood I use grows in humid areas, so I decided to finish it with a driftwood-like touch. 


This enables the perfect marriage between my raw, signature look and extremely fine finished blade.



With his full tang handle construction, it is practically indestructible - the blade and handle is made out of one piece of steel.


With its 3D sculpted shape, it will fit anyone’s hand perfectly. It will give you the support you need, where you need it.


As wood never dies, it can move around and it can detach your handle from your knifeblade. Therefor every handle is treated with a stabilisation process which makes the handle much more sustainable.

Sander Miesse owner and founder of mknives




1. Stainless steel

1.1409 is stainless steel that is made with ease of use in mind. It becomes very sharp and stays that way for a very long time


On top of that, it's very corrosion-proof steel, ideally for those who don’t have the time to dry their knife after each use.






Mknives Collection 18 Office Kitchen knife "Sardine"

The Santoku.



If we translate Santoku from Japanese, we get the knife of the 'three virtues' or 'three uses'.


With this we refer to the tasks this knife excels in. Slicing, dicing and mincing.


This knife is excellent for cutting fish, meat and vegetables.


This makes the Santoku the perfect, allround knife.





Mknives Collection 18 Office Kitchen knife "Sardine"

The Gyuto.



This knife is the biggest of the whole family.


Don't let the size scare you, it is really easy to slice fish and meat once you get used to it.


A big blade gives you so much more possibilities.


The Sardine.



The smallest of the family, but very indispensable.


This knife will make all you tiny kitchen tasks a breeze. For example peeling your vegetables, or carving out nice sculptures in your carrots...


It will serve you like an extention of your own hand.





Mknives Collection 18 Santoku "Big Squid"

The Demi Chef.



This knife is the western brother of the Santoku.


With his longer and less curvy blade edge, this knife outperforms any other knife in terms of speed and swiftness.


No wonder this knife is the professionals favorite!





Mknives Collection 18 Santoku "Big Squid"

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