"In a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life."


Sharpening workshop.

What is a sharp knife?




A sharp knife is a knife that shaves of the hair of your arm. How many knives are able to perform this task in your kitchen?


If your answer to this question, the answer would probably be less than one.


This workshop might be very interesting to get all your other knives back to their functional lives.







You will not only learn to sharpen your knives to the point that your vegetables will drop in slices only by the sight of your freshly sharpened knife, we will also go through the process of maintaining your sharp knives and the tools that make them so sharp.


As for the tools, we make a nice selection of sharpening stones to get you started in your new hobby.


If you wish to take your set of sharpening stones with you at home don't forget to order the 'Plus' package which include everything you need to practise at home.

Sharp is safe.



If you are using a lot of force to achieve something, there is probably an easier, smarter and less exhausting solution available.


Using a lot of energy while handling knives can be the best recipe for disaster.


The more energy you use on a knife, the less control you have over the tool and the more chance you have the knife ends up in a place you don't want.



Knifemaking workshop.

"A knife... Such a prehistorical instrument, yet such a majestic tool."


In this workshop, we will make your first, professional knife together. From design to finish. I will be there to teach and support you, with my achieved knowledge and skills.


Together we will harden the steel you will transform into a functional knife. Shaping, sharpening and handle sculpting is a part of this package.


As this workshop is a real tailor fit program to the student in question, there is no standard formula.


Do you want to become a master of knives and always wanted to discover the secrets of the art of knifemaking?

Send me a message, and let's start our project together.




Sander Miesse owner and founder of mknives

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